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Artist - Advocate - Elsa's Mom

Artist Statement: Through my work, I seek to honor the unique life and energy within your pet to preserve your joyful memories forever. My hand-drawn portraits are created in my Vermont home studio, with assistance from my rescue-dog side-kick Elsa. I love to create art and am passionate about rescue (art + rescue dogs = my happy place)​!



Commission books are currently open (with limited remaining availability in 2021). Portraits take between 2-4 weeks to complete depending on complexity of the portrait and time of year (e.g. the higher-volume, winter holiday season). My portraits are 100% hand-drawn - each mark is intentionally made to capture life and energy within your pet. I do not use any automated processes, software or photo editing techniques in my art and each piece takes 10 (+) hours to complete. Your archival quality portrait can either be matted in black or white. 


General Price Structure (includes mount/mat & shipping within the U.S.)

shipping outside of the U.S. vary depending on destination

5x7 portrait - 8x10 finished size when matted

$82.00 for one animal

$97.00 for two animals


8x10 portrait  - 11x14 finished size when matted

$122.00 for one animal

$142.00 for two animals

$157.00 for three animals


(for portraits larger than 8x10, please email to discuss)

To request your custom, hand-drawn animal portrait, please complete THIS FORM. Once I have received your form, I will send an email to follow up, outlining the next steps


(full process/policies found here)


Custom pet portrait gift certificates are available and make thoughtful gifts that will last a lifetime! To order a gift certificate, please complete THIS FORM.


Gift certificates are mailed (USPS) within 1-2 days of payment, and typically arrive 3-8 days thereafter (depending on destination).


ELSA. Soul Dog. Muse. Best Girl.

Magical Unicorn. Rescued 2018 from death row days before scheduled euthanasia. Former mama. Gunshot survivor (rocking 26 shrapnel souvenirs).

Stage 1 cancer. Chronic allergies. Professional couch potato. Carrot connoisseur. Sweetheart.



Any of my artwork can be purchased as an on-demand fine art print or greeting card! 

Prints - 5x7 prints (8x10 finished size) are $35.00 & 8x10 prints (11x14 finished size) are $45.00

Greeting Cards (not already available in my Etsy Card shop) must be ordered in quantities of 10 per design. For on-demand printing,  please reach out via email.


Whole order are welcomed  - please reach out via email to discuss next steps.



JOIN ME ON INSTAGRAM: @crystal.murphy.creates


Artist Helping Animals, HeARTs Speak Member

Rescues, shelters, non-profits and pibble-positive advocates: discounted and/or pro bono may be availabledepending on the timing/request.

THE FINE PRINT:  All portrait bookings are subject to artist availability, timelines and policies.


COPYRIGHT & REPRODUCTION RIGHTS: All portrait commissions include copyright as a condition of the commission/sale. I (Crystal Murphy) retain exclusive ownership of the copyright and reproduction rights of my artwork. As the copyright owner I (Crystal Murphy) have the exclusive right to reproduce the copyrighted work or to authorize its reproduction.


GIFT CERTIFICATES (GC) are non-transferable, non-refundable, and cannot be exchanged for cash. GCs are valid for 12 months from purchase date. GC # must be shared when booking a portrait & all portraits are subject to normal timelines & policies. (Crystal Murphy) is not responsible for gift certificates that are lost, stolen, destroyed or used without permission.


CREDITING THE ARTIST: Permission is required before sharing artwork on social media or otherwise. Crystal Murphy (IG @Crystal.Murphy.Creates) should be tagged & referenced on all approved sharing platforms.

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